Custom Handmade Jewelry

Mammoth Ivory Creations Jewelry is a custom jewelry store based out of Three Forks, MT. Our handcrafted jewelry is made right here, by, Master Ivory Carver, Lee True Hulcher. If you are looking for rare and unique pieces to compliment your outfit or style then you must take a look at our Intaglia pieces.

Intaglia is the ancient art of Jewelry crafting from 13th Century China. Jewelry made in this style was reserved for Royalty, only. Initially, pieces were carved out of Jade, Elephant Ivory and Gold. Today we use Mammoth Ivory  sourced from Alaska, Siberia and Canadian and exotic Gemstones from around the world. All of our jewelry is made right here in Three Forks, Montana.

If you’re interested in capturing a piece of the past and wearing history of the Ice Age then Mammoth Ivory Creations handmade jewelry is for you. The best part? Our pieces are completely affordable. You can choose from a selection of beautifully carved and crafted pieces or special order something with special meaning and symbolism. For Affordable Jewelry in Three Forks, Montana, look no further.

Rare, exclusive jewelry does not have to be for the super wealthy. You can purchase real jewelry made of gemstones, ivory and gold. The only catch is that as global warming spreads and we uncover more of these materials these pieces will become rarer and rarer. Don’t miss out!

Contact Lee True Hulcher, a local jewelry maker based in Three Forks, Montana, today!