"Where I come up with my ideas for the pieces I make?"

My name is Lee Hulcher and I am The Ivory Carver.

  People ask me all the time about "Where I come up with my ideas for the pieces I make?" When I try to explain to them that the ivory was once an organic living structure and that it was grain and texture and purpose, they look at me like I have two heads.

   I go on to explain that every piece of ivory I work is different and I never know if a piece is going to "agree" to be what I think it should be. Some times the ivory splits into paper thin layers as I am working it, or twists like a curly-Q when it gets hot from the polisher.

   As far as the color goes, I tell people it's like Christmas every day, because I never know what the true color of the piece will be until after the final polish. It is like wetting a dull green rock and finding out it is a shiny piece of beautiful green jade.
    If you like what you see, please "SHARE" it with your friends, and if you have questions about any of the pieces, please, feel free to ask. I will be sharing more photo, actually many more photos and some of the highlights of the more loved pieces I have made over the last 30+ years. So stay tuned.

Mammoth Ivory Creations

If you would like to see a partial gallery of my past work, please feel free to visit my web site on Facebook  at  Days of old-SOLD  We do except orders for piece of the past, but there is no promise that the color will be the same.

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