The Making Of An Intaglia Mammoth Ivory Bolo Tie

Today's Blog post is about the making of an Intaglia Mammoth Ivory Bolo Tie, Custom Ordered.

Photo 1: We start with this solid  backing piece of 10000 year old Fossil Mammoth Ivory from Alaska. It is used to form and stabilized the design.

Photo 2: Next the design is formed of varies ages and colors of Fossil Mammoth Ivory and then the pieces are pinned together with stainless steel pins.

Photo 3: This is the formed top Design.

Photo 4: From the back side each piece is traditionally pinned at an angle to ensure that no pieces ever come loose from the backing.

Photo 5: The pins are then sanded down and glued in place.

Photo 6: This is the final form. Then a 600 grit sanding and a thorough polishing.


The Fossil mammoth Ivory in this creation ranges in age from 10,000 years old, (lower left white piece) to 80,000 years old (lower right piece). All colors are 100% natural, just the way they came out of the ground. Colors form from the minerals absorbed from the soil the tusk has laid in for 1000's of years.

I think this Bolo Tie will be set with Blue Leather and Sterling Silver Tips. photos to follow after this piece is set.

by Lee True Hulcher
Mammoth Ivory Creations

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  • Very nice work! Love the colours of the Mammoth Ivory!!

    Gary o'genski

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