The Making of a Pumpkin Seed

The Raw Fossil Mammoth  

I make it a habit to blindly reach into a pile of raw mammoth ivory on the workbench behind me. To keep things interesting, I try to use the piece picked to the best of it's ability. I say this because every piece of mammoth ivory has grain, layers, structure and attitudes as well as hidden flaws. If I go against these issues the piece will break.

The first piece cut.

This was the piece I picked. The color is questionable at best. The piece I picked, and the idea that I might get more than one set of matching pieces from it.

I am going to try to use every ounce and maybe get one set of earrings and two separate necklace pendants.

I am trying for two complete sets, but I won't know until later, when the color starts to come through the layers of ivory.

The two bottom pieces will make a fair set of earrings, but I won't know until I work the material down a bit more.


The making of a matched set. Or maybe 2.

First set formed out.

The shaping of a set,

Second set formed out.

The design concept,... but will the difference in color be an issue?

       Every piece of mammoth ivory is different and there can be several different colors or patterns in each piece. Many a pair of earrings have failed and become separate necklaces because of this fact.

The layout

We just won't know until the final polish. 

One down, so good so far.

The finished product, as set of Pumpkin Seed Earrings. - SOLD !!!

Finished, not identical but darn close and acceptable.

  Note, they sold to the first person who saw them.

Mission accomplished !!!


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