Who I am, what is my Product and why.

Who I am, what is my Product and why.

Hello, My name is Lee True Hulcher and I am writing this today to introduce myself and say “Thank You” for being a member of my Mammoth Ivory Creations Community.

As you probably as ready know, my already small world is rapidly shrinking, first socially, with the lose of my Fossil Ivory Group on Facebook, due to the ban on Animal parts sales. Now Google is following in stride with their own ban.  I understand the idea, but think that it is sad, that even though Fossil Mammoth Ivory is completely legal, the two biggest social contributors refuse to allow it.

The second contributing factor to my rapidly shrinking realm is global warming. Let me explain to you why.
When Mammoth remains are exposed either through mining or naturally through erosion, the remains only last a few years before they biodegrade and turn into chalk.  With the Northern Arctic Permafrost melting, this exposes the remains of the Mammoth’s to moisture that is absorbed into the tusks and speeds the molecular action up.  Items that would have been preserved for 1000’s of years, may now only survive for a decade or more.

This is what makes my Mammoth Ivory Creations special. The rarity of this gorgeous material, the fact that no two pieces of Fossil Mammoth Ivory are ever the same, and it’s age. My pieces of Jewelry range from 10,000 to over 300,000 years old.

When you own a piece of Fossil Mammoth Ivory, you own a piece of History. You also own something that not many people in the world ever get a change to see, none the less hold in their hands and pass down to their children.  Every piece of Mammoth Ivory Creations Jewelry is absolutely Unique.

I have over 34 years experience working with this wonderful material and over 10,000 pieces, of One of a Kind Jewelry made. I am one, of just a handful of jewelers in the United States to deal with Fossil Mammoth Ivory and a leading authority within my ranking of individual professionals.

If you are fortunate enough to own a piece of my Intaglia jewelry made from Fossil Mammoth Ivory, you are extremely lucky.  The very limited numbers of items created and the fact that I am the only person that makes Pinned Intaglia Mammoth Ivory Jewelry, will soon make these pieces, Priceless.

By being a member of my community, you also get first hand selections to every piece made. You buy direct from the studio, guaranteeing the lowest price, and a vast knowledge of every single piece made. If there is a flaw, you will know about it before you buy. This is the main reason, I offer a Lifetime Warranty of the Maker, because, I hope, I look that good when I am 10,000 years old.

Another benefit of being a member, is the Custom Order options. If you see something you just love in the Gallery of Past Work, you have the option to order a similar item, handcrafted just for you. Or if you need something custom made, that works too.

My goal is to educate the members of my community, so they in turn can share the knowledge and privilege of possessing this unique material, that is part of our world culture and so very limited.  I want to be able to share with you, my extended family, the highest quality, affordable product, so that when you need a gift for a friend or loved one, or maybe yourself, you will think of Fossil Mammoth Ivory Creations.

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