Something I have never done before.

So a client contacted me and asked me to make an item for her 14th wedding Anniversary. It would be a simple 1 inch heart with the roman numerals XIV. Mega simple, but I have never made a Heart, in all the years I have carved.  I guess Valentines day for me is all about the chocolates, lol.


She asked for a running editorial on the making of Her Heart. This is how it went.

This was the piece I chose for the order.

when working with mammoth ivory you must work around the flaws. The layers in this piece represent the different years of the life of the animal. Splits, cracks and multiple layers are all part of the material, and my client loved it. She knew what she was getting into, but we didn't know what to expect.


At this point I thought we had gotten off scot free, but no... there was a flaw.

Can't see it here, but wait, it will show up soon. The truth comes out in the polish.

We worked around it and the piece is done. That is one fancy dream catcher. Happy Anniversary.


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